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Not all skate sharpening is equal. Skate Doctor was originally founded to solve a need for precise, consistent, professional skate sharpening within Calgary and Southern Alberta. We believe that skating and hockey start with a solid foundation of properly fitted and sharpened skates. You can have the best skates, but if they aren’t fitted or sharpened properly, your performance (and subsequent enjoyment of your sport) will be limited.To us, sharpening is an art, not a task or a function. Each pair of skates is as unique as the skater who wears them. We take pride in our experience and ability to work with skaters to determine their optimal hollow and profile. We’ll sharpen your skates exactly how you want them, or recommend the best solution for you.

We use modern, NHL-grade, manually adjusted and operated machinery to ensure that we are able to accommodate every hollow and easily adjust to a wide variance in skate blades, holders and types of steel. Our machines are not automatic, or electrically- or hydraulically-controlled because we recognize the importance of manual control and understand the art and science of traditional skate sharpening and the variances involved.

We are obsessed with giving you the most even, perfectly balanced edges and the best mirror-finish in the industry. Our skate technicians are fully trained and understand the science of sharpening and how it relates to hockey. Blades are meticulously checked for trueness and straightened if they are bent. Every pair of skates is checked for balance and even edges before and after sharpening. Our honing system ensures that burrs are removed and edges are keen and reliable.

Through our professional experience we follow strict processes to ensure:

Our base of loyal customers and ever-growing referral network is the biggest testament to our work. We take pride in our work! Give us a try today and see the Skate Doctor difference!

Our shop exclusively uses Blademaster equipment (designed, fabricated and assembled in Chatham, Ontario) and Blademaster consumables.