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Calgary Jerseys and Apparel (a Skate Doctor company) is a trusted provider for custom jerseys, team uniforms, and sport, school or corporate apparel for every application.

At Calgary Jerseys we recognize the importance of supporting our local Canadian businesses and economy. Our jerseys and sports uniforms are sourced from manufacturers and suppliers within Canada. We are also able to source apparel items manufactured in North America upon request. We believe that supporting local gets you a better product, while contributing to our Canadian economy. We feel that the quality, reliability, and on-going access of these products for re-orders, along with supporting businesses in our own backyard justifies our purchasing decisions. Join us in supporting local!     

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Regardless of your sport, league or competition level, your image is important. Look sharp with a custom jersey or apparel solution from Calgary Jerseys. We are your source for custom jerseys and apparel for:

We offer an unlimited range of custom uniform options to match every design and budget. You can provide us with your desired price range and ideas (designs drawn on napkins are totally acceptable), or leave the creativity up to us. Most importantly, we work directly with you every step of the way to design and deliver custom solutions that you'll love. 

To offer you the largest selection, we are Authorized Dealers for the following jersey, apparel and clothing lines:

Choosing and designing jerseys and apparel can be overwhelming or confusing, but we're here to help, and we've listed some of our most popular decoration options below.

Custom Sublimated:

Want the ultimate in customization and design flexibility? Look no further, sublimation is your solution.

With sublimation, the designs, logos, names and numbers are dyed directly into any part of location of the jersey fabric. This creates a dynamic, light-weight and flexible option that won't crack, fade, peel or bleed.

Our sublimation packages offer an "all-inclusive" price. Designs, logos (both team and sponsor), names, numbers and lettering are all included in the base price. No surprises or additional charges apply for your teammate with the long last name, or to get that extra sponsor logo added. With sublimation, small quantity re-orders are also accommodated very easily. 

Applique (Tackle Twill):

Applique is a design that is made of custom cut fabric shapes that are layered upon each other and sewed into place. Tackle Twill is one of the most popular applique techniques. The logos, numbering and lettering you see on pro jerseys is usually a Tackle Twill applique. We also offer sublimation on twill.

Digital/Direct Print or Silk Screen:

We get it, sometimes you want a simple jersey that represents your team but doesn't break the bank. Digital/direct print or silk screen is the most economical choice and fuses a printed graphic or number on top of the jersey fabric. This design can be prone to cracking, fading or peeling if not cared for correctly. Don't have or need a logo on the front of your jersey? That's OK, we can do numbers and/or names only.


Embroidery uses different colored threads that are stitched into a pattern (or tackle twill) and applied onto an existing or custom knit jersey. The embroidery design is created by a computerized sewing machine using a "digitized" version of your logo. Embroidery is not not extensively used on jerseys anymore, but is very popular for decorating apparel such as hoodies, hats, and other clothing and promotional materials.  

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