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Team skate sharpening isn't just for the pros anymore!
Coordinate a team skate sharpening arrangement with the other players or parents on your team or skating club. 

Our professional skate sharpening service is available for teams, clubs or groups (10 pairs or more). Put all your skates 
in a bag or bin (ensure each pair of skates is labeled with name, desired hollow and any required repairs) after a practice, game, competition or tournament and arrange for a drop-off/pick-up time at our shop or our delivery service (additional charges apply).

Team sharpening is typically completed outside of our regular business hours on weekday mornings or weekend evenings. Coordinate with us in advance and eliminate the struggle of finding a trusted shop to sharpen your skates and waiting in line. 

If you would like to set up a team skate sharpening arrangement, please Contact Us for more details, availability and pricing.