Skate Doctor
Calgary's Professional Skate Sharpening Service & Repairs
Committed to Consistent Quality, Service, Knowledge and Skill
Our services include:
  • Professional skate sharpening (hockey, goalie, figure)
  • Skate profiling and contouring/rockering 
  • Skate and equipment repair and modification
  • Sales of tape, accessories and equipment
  • Skate assessment and blade alignment/shimming
  • Custom skate fits, stretching and boot punching
  • Custom fit pro Lexan skate fenders / shot blockers
  • Heat fit (skate baking), rivets, shimming, lifts, and blade/holder replacement
  • Holder swaps (CCM or TRUE to Bauer, etc.)  
  • Ice skate to rollerblade (Marsblade) conversion        and mounting
  • Equipment and leather sewing and patching
  • Team/Association/League/Tournament services

Don't miss another game because you've forgot your neck guard or mouth guard. We stock a variety of replacement parts and equipment. We sell only Canadian and/or North American produced products where possible, and purchase from Canadian suppliers and distributors. Join us in supporting local!

Don't forget to ask us about:

•  SuperFeet performance insoles

•  StepSteel and Bladetech replacement skate blades
•  Gear Halo deodorizer and moisture removal products
•  Nash tongues and tendon guards

•  Customized team accessories and products

•  Team sales and volume discounts

Want to know if we can do something that isn't listed? Please Contact Us for more information.