Skate Doctor
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Service Pricing - Posted Pricing Includes 5% Tax (Effective 08/15/2022)
Skate Sharpening (hockey player or goalie skates)
 $10.00/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Sharpening (recreational figure skates, leisure skates, soft skates or youth)
 $10.00/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Sharpening (Flare Blades) NOT OFFERED
Skate Profiling - Blademaster Custom (re-sharpening included)
 $45.00/pr (incl. GST)
Rivets (steel or copper), or Eyelets
 $10.00 flat labor fee plus
 $1.00/ea steel rivets AND
 $1.50/ea copper rivets OR eyelets
Marsblade/Inline Installation (incl. removal of ice holders, re-balancing,
re-drilling, rivets, assembly and labor) 
(Typically ~1-2 day turnaround)
Price is for a "
typical" install - certain models of skate boots may incur surcharges. 
 $75.00/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Blades/Runners (replacement, incl. sharpening) LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE As Quoted
Helmet Repairs (must conform with CSA certification) NOT AVAILABLE (COVID-19) NOT AVAILABLE
Team/Tournament/Event Sharpening & Equipment Manager Services (incl. on-site or travel services)
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Minimum Shop Labor Charge $5.00 (incl. GST)
Hourly Shop Labor Charge $75.00/hr (incl. GST)

We accept e-transfer and cash with exact change and/or tip. We do not accept any cards at this time.