Skate Doctor
Calgary's Professional Skate Sharpening Service & Repairs
Committed to Consistent Quality, Service, Knowledge and Skill
Our full-service hockey pro-shop performs a complete range of equipment service and repairs.

Please note that we do not offer rental of skates, helmets or
protective equipment. An appointment is currently required for ALL services.

Shop Pricing - Posted Pricing Includes 5% Tax (Effective 10/15/2020)
Skate Sharpening (hockey player or goalie skates)
 $9.00/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Sharpening (recreational figure skates, leisure skates, soft skates or youth)
 $9.00/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Sharpening (Flare Blades - additional wait time may apply) $15.00/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Profiling - Custom (re-sharpening included)
 $42.00/pr (incl. GST)
Rivets (steel or copper), or Eyelets
 $1.00/ea + $5.00 flat labor fee
Marsblade/Inline Installation (incl. removal of ice holders, re-balancing,
re-drilling, rivets, assembly and labor) 
(Typically ~1 day turnaround)
Price is for a "
typical" install - certain models of skate boots may incur surcharges. 
 $63.00/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Blade Holder Assessment & Alignment (shims/lifts)
A shim or lift may be required on one OR both skates
 $63.00/pr (incl. GST) or
 $31.50/boot (incl. GST) 
Skate Blade Holders (replacement, incl. installation) As Quoted
Skate Blades/Runners (replacement, incl. sharpening) As Quoted
Skate Stretch / Power Stretch (length/width) $31.50/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Heat Fit (baking) (incl. a FREE sharpening) $31.50/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Punching (for "hot spots", pressure relief) $21.00/pr (incl. GST)
Nash Tendon Guard Reinforcement (incl. install) $26.25/ea (incl. GST)
Replacement Nash Sniper Skate Tongues (incl. sewn-in install) $105.00/pr (incl. GST)
Custom-Fit Moulded Lexan Shot Blockers (special order only) $105.00/pr (incl. GST)
Stick Cutting (wood or composite) $3.00/ea (incl. GST)
Helmet Repairs (must conform with CSA certification)  NOT AVAILABLE (COVID-19)
Skate/Equipment Repair (including torn eyelet row repairs)
 As Quoted
Pant or Glove Patching (full re-palming is not offered) As Quoted
Sewing Repairs / Straps / Buckles / Velcro
 As Quoted
Team/Tournament/Event Sharpening & Equipment Manager Services (incl. on-site or travel services)
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Minimum Shop Labor Charge $5.00 (incl. GST)
Hourly Shop Labor Charge $63.00/hr (incl. GST)

We accept Interac (debit), E-transfer and cash. We do not accept credit cards.

Are we missing anything? Let us know what you need and we'll give you a quote - Contact Us.