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Customer Testimonials

"Unbelievable service from David at Skate Doctor in Calgary. He is a true professional."

"You guys are good. Best sharpening in Calgary. My son has never skated this well!"

The best skate sharpening I've had in years, I wouldn't take my skates anywhere else!"

"Skate Doc is the best in the business! His knowledge of how to get the best performance out of your skates is far beyond that of any trainer I've worked with."

"Really appreciate the effort and attention to detail that you put into assessing and sharpening skates!"

"This has been easily the best experience ordering jerseys that I've been a part of and would like to thank you in person for your help through the process."

"Thank you for the amazing job on the 10'-11' profile you put on my boots! I've had no issues transitioning to a player's skate and they feel responsive and balanced. Count me in as a customer as long as I'm in Calgary."

"WOW! Incredible! Absolutely LOVED [the skate profile]. I was doing moves that I never dreamed I could achieve. 
I cannot wait to get back out there and continue skating. I don't know how to explain the feeling properly, but it felt like I was more in tune or almost 'one' with the ice? Regardless, absolutely fantastic!!!! Thank you so much!!"

"Just a follow up on the new Step Steel [and profile]. Big difference, these things hold an edge so well. Four ice times and they still feel like they were freshly sharpened, where my [factory] ones would feel almost dull after about 2-3. Thanks again for recommending these and installing them."

"The [VH] skates are AWESOME! Never had a skate that's this comfortable before. And they're so responsive, I love it! Thanks again for helping me with these amazing skates!"

"Just wanted to update, loving the final version of the True [2-piece goalie skates] thanks to your modifications!"

"I tried my goalie skates tonight after your profiling. I can move a lot better. Thanks so much."

"Best sharpening in the city. Won't go anywhere else. David knows his stuff. Even took time out of his day to show me the custom VH skate he specializes in selling, just cause I was interested. Told me all I needed to know and even took more time out of his day to just chat hockey. Will be a customer from here on out. Thanks David!"

"I received the jerseys just now and I must say, they look phenomenal! I have no doubt they will be a big hit with everyone in the league, and we will definitely be giving you a call if we run the league again next year. Thank you again for the great customer service, happy holidays and hopefully we will be in touch again..."

"Big thanks to you [Skate Doctor]. Very impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. Skated on [the skates] yesterday and did notice an improvement. We will definitely see more improvement as he adjusts to the skates. We will be back to your shop for any future skate adjustments."

"Thanks to Skate Doctor for coming in on his day off to accommodate our schedule. We met him for a skate alignment assessment for my son. He was extremely helpful and provided in-depth info on properly fitting a skate based foot type as well as ensuring the blade is properly aligned for maximum performance. I grew up on skates myself playing all levels of hockey and learned a lot from our short meeting. Thanks again!"

"David at Skate Doctor helped me get my team outfitted with custom made jerseys. David was very informative, genuinely helpful, quick to respond, and ensured that I stayed up-to-date through-out the entire process. Overall great guy. Very pleased with the entire outcome and experience. Would absolutely recommend Skate Doctor to all my friends and family. Thanks again, David!"

"These guys are great, good prices and great work. They fixed a terrible sharpening job from a big chain sports store and stretched out my state boot to remove a painful pressure point on the side of my foot. The skates feel better than new, thanks so much. Now I'm a customer for life!"

"I had absolutely no pain issues at all today. The first time in years. Thank you so very much. Thanks again for a wonderful day on the ice."

"Can't say enough about the great job Skate Doctor has done on [our kids'] skates since they arrived at Vivo. Convenient being so close to home and right at our home rink, plus they're always up for a chat (a quick one if busy) and always smiling. You can tell they love and have pride in what they do."

"The only place to get skates done as [Skate Doctor] is very knowledgeable,awesome and friendly."

"Great work! Saved me from loose steel a couple times now, the Doc always goes the extra mile!"

"[Our] boys say it is the best, most consistent sharpening they get."

Love your work and happy I made the decision to switch to [VH Footwear] skates. Eventually would like to order another set. I admire what you guys do, just want to say thanks."

"Thank you for responding to our last minute need for the weekend, the teams were very appreciative of your efforts. Your presence helped to make the weekend a very successful event."

"Skates were feeling tight and were dulling out, Dave offered to take a look at it which could not have been a better decision. He heated, stretched and sharpened them for me. My feet have always been sore skating (super flat feet) but these are now the most comfortable pair I've owned (and other shops have done the same things to them and have never had this good of a result). Feel like a much better skater already! Great person to deal with, A+ all around - Thanks Dave!"

"I just came back from my skate and the skate was very much improved.
My foot is not sore and I had a great workout without the pain aftereffects!
Thanks for the fine work on that skate."

"My right skate was driving me nuts. Just too narrow on the side which was leading to excruciating pain in my foot. Skate doctor punched it out, fixed er up and sharpened my skates. Played hockey today, and it was like floating on a white fluffy cloud! Finally, no more pain. Thanks so much Skate doctor! Easily the best customer service for a skate shop that I've ever experienced."

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Hockey Diversity Alliance
Hockey Diversity Alliance
Skate Doctor supports the Hockey Diversity Alliance and their purpose to eradicate systemic racism and intolerance in hockey. Hockey will be a stronger and better game when we fully embrace our diversity. By making our game accessible and safe for everyone we will strengthen our connection to each other, to our communities, and to our fans.

Calgary Adult Hockey League (CAHL)
Skate Doctor is the preferred supplier for custom jersey and apparel solutions for teams in the Calgary Adult Hockey League. Contact the CAHL to register your team, or to join an existing team as a Free Agent!