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Ask about our FREE Skate Sharpening Loyalty Club!
We get it, the economy is tough, customers move, and players get traded, injured or stop playing. We've thought of a way to reward our loyal skate sharpening customers without them buying a costly package or a pre-paid card! We appreciate your business and want to acknowledge your support with a rewards system! 

Our Loyalty Club program is currently on-hold while we are working remotely due to COVID-19. The Loyalty Club program will resume for sharpenings performed at Vivo, when we return to operations there. 

*We have transitioned from physical Loyalty Cards to our Loyalty Club Binder as of 09/2019 - all active, previous cards have been carried over, but club terms have changed slightly* 

Our FREE Skate Sharpening Loyalty Club is:
  • Completely FREE (it's not pre-paid)
  • Available to everyone (and can be used by every member of your family)
  • Tracked using your first and last name and your phone number (this info is required to participate)
  • Stored at the skate shop in our binder (so you can't lose or forget it!) 
  • Stamped once for every skate sharpening you pay for (it's that easy) 
  • Redeemable for a FREE skate sharpening after 10 sharpens (it adds up fast!)
  • Unlimited - start a new account right after redeeming a free sharpening (more paid sharpens, more free sharpens!)
  • Carried over from season to season, year to year, as long as your account is used/active each season (that's why we call it a "Loyalty" Club)
The Skate Sharpening Loyalty Club has no cash value, and is not refundable or transferable. Inactive accounts (no sharpening tracked for more than 1 year) will be removed. The Loyalty Club program may be changed or discontinued at any time and without notice at the sole discretion of Skate Doctor.