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Lost and Found (Lost Edges)

posted Apr 5, 2016, 8:51 AM by Skate Doctor   [ updated Mar 7, 2018, 9:44 AM ]
“Doc, I lost an edge!”

I think the saying goes “[It] happens…” and when it does, it’s really frustrating. You step on the ice for warm-up, or are in the middle of a game or practice and all the sudden you don’t have any “grip” on the inside or outside edge of your skate blade. Dang!

A “lost edge” is most noticeable during a tight turn or crossovers, but may be felt during acceleration or stopping, depending on the severity. You may feel that your blade edge has become slippery, you have no grip on the ice, and that your skate is sliding out from under you.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry you’re not alone. A lost edge can occur at any level, to any player and at any time. Yes, even the professionals loose edges. But, what causes a lost edge? The causes are varied and extensive, but can include:
  • Stepping on a stick, cement, arena flooring, or other foreign material
  • Colliding with the boards, a goal post, or another player’s skate blade
  • An uneven or poorly finished skate sharpening

Most of the causes listed above are self-explanatory – an off-ice or on-ice event with something or someone results in a lost edge. But, a skate sharpening can also lead to a lost edge if not done properly.

To fix a lost edge we will assess the damage to determine whether to simply perform a normal skate sharpening, or if we need to cross-grind the blade to remove the damage. The damage from a lost edge is repairable in nearly all cases.

Fixing a lost edge during a practice or a game becomes a little trickier. Unless you have access to an Equipment Manager or skate sharpener, there may be little that you can do to remedy the situation and get back on the ice. You can try:

  • Honing the skate blade with a normal, flat honing stone to remove the burr
  • Installing replacement/spare steel
  • Using a Edge Fixer / or Magic Stick

We condone the use of the Edge Fixer or Magic stick in emergency situations only – reasons why are outlined in our Magic Stick blog post. IF you find yourself using one of these “emergency” tools, be sure to get your skates properly sharpened immediately after the ice time. Please remember that these tools are NOT substitute for regular skate sharpening and can damage your blades with repeated use.

We also recommend using skate guards on your skates when not in use, and while walking on hard arena flooring. Due to the nature of the game, no one can guarantee that you won’t ever lose an edge, but Skate Doctor takes all measures to ensure that our sharpening is consistent and level to minimize your risk. Come see us today to get an edge on your competition!