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It Fits Like A Glove (Custom Skates)

posted Jan 15, 2016, 3:40 PM by Skate Doctor   [ updated Mar 7, 2018, 9:43 AM ]
Do I need custom skates? This is a question we get asked a lot! It may also not be the easiest or most straightforward question to answer.

A vast majority of recreational skaters and players at the community or quadrant level will end up in “stock”, or off-the-shelf skates. Some of these players may have no issues whatsoever, and others may battle daily with foot pain, swelling, lace-bite, ankle pain, decreased performance, and referred alignment pain into their knees, hips or back. Most players who compete at a higher level, up to and including many professional leagues, will rely on custom skates for added levels of fit, performance, comfort and durability. Some players, regardless of skill level, simply want to wear the best skate available to them.

Aside from those playing at a higher level or professionally, there are others who may require a custom skate. Not all feet are created equally. Most off-the-shelf skates are based on a generalized “last” or foot shape – or a foot shape that is consistent with a large majority of skaters. Some companies have a few brands or fit profiles to appeal to a few of the most common foot shapes (for example, Bauer Vapor, Bauer Supreme, or Bauer Nexus, or CCM Jetspeed, CCM Ribcor or CCM Tacks).

Each of these brands or fit profiles will feel slightly different on your foot. While these various fit profiles may appeal to a few different generalized shapes of feet, they don’t always cover all the bases.

What happens if you have a foot that is narrower or wider than the majority of skaters? What if the depth or volume of your foot is smaller or larger than everyone else? What if you’ve had an injury, or a physical or biomechanical issue that makes your foot deviate from the norm? Some players even have one foot that is up to one or two full sizes larger than the other. These are all areas where custom skates are extremely beneficial.

A custom skate is designed to the exact measurements of each of your feet. These measurements may include length, width, depth, volume, arch height and foot alignment. Additional options may include stiffness, stitching, protective qualities, color or other aesthetic or comfort considerations, liner, toe cap, tongue, holder and blade choice and mounting. Due to the large amount of custom factors and options, custom skates are typically only offered by skate fitters with a vast amount of experience in skate fitting.

As a Pro Skate Fitter, Skate Doctor uses our extensive experience fitting skates for players at the professional level to ensure every aspect of your skate fits properly and enhances your performance and comfort on the ice. All custom skate fittings include a thorough assessment of many factors, including alignment, to ensure your custom skates fit like a glove. Interested? Contact Us to book an appointment today!