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Do You Believe in Magic? (“Magic” Sticks)

posted Jan 24, 2015, 11:59 AM by Skate Doctor   [ updated Mar 7, 2018, 9:39 AM ]

“Magic-Stick” is the generic name for a variety of skate tune-up devices that generally perform the same function. The “X” shaped stone (or hone) is slid down the blade of a skate to forcibly push a lost or damaged edge back into proper alignment. This provides an emergency quick-fix to temporarily restore a lost edge – perhaps late in the 3rd period of the big game. They are not designed for long-term, continuous use, or as a replacement for regular skate sharpening. Before we continue, take note of a few keywords in this paragraph – “forcibly”, “emergency”, and “temporarily”.

Magic-Stick device

Do we believe in, or sell Magic-Sticks at Skate Doctor? That’s a question that we hear often in the shop. While Magic-Sticks have a purpose, such as illustrated in the 3rd period emergency example above, they are not replacements for regular skate sharpening and can actually do damage to your skate blades. A common misconception is that these devices are all-inclusive repair and maintenance tools that can be used regularly to extend the amount of time between skate sharpening. Wrong. We sell Magic-Sticks as an emergency blade repair solution - period.

Magic-Sticks can damage or break your skate blade edges.

Repeated use or abuse of Magic-Sticks damages your skate blades. They weaken the steel when the edges are forcibly grabbed and bent back into shape. Over time (or perhaps with as little as a single use) the edge of the steel may break. We can always tell when a Magic-Stick was used on a blade – there’s no hiding or denying it. In most cases, we suggest cross-grinding a blade to repair the damage done by a Magic-Stick to ensure a proper sharpening. This removes the damaged edge and steel and gives you a fresh slate, but it also reduces the lifespan of your blades. 

Cross-grind station

Think twice before using a Magic-Stick - only in emergency situations. Your blades will thank you (and so will your Skate Technician). If you need to use a Magic-Stick in an emergency situation, always remember to get your skates sharpened as soon as possible afterwards.